Keli Black Medical Fund Raiser

After My Parents passed away, I wanted to make a change for my son and me, therefore I decided to move from Arizona to Wyoming after accepting a job running a metal art store and doing graphic design. At that time I was seeing a cardiologist and regular MD in Arizona, however, since moving to Wyoming in 2017 I have not seen one. I had no idea I would not qualify for medical when I made the move.  Medical was not an option through my work and as far as the state, I did not qualify for assistance as I made too much, yet at the same time, I did not have an extra $687 dollars per month to cover basic medical coverage, the simple truth of that matter, especially when dealing with specialty care I don’t know anyone who can pay out of pocket, its simply too much. Since Covid19 I have lost my job, the company I worked for has now permanently closed. I have not given up and have been staying afloat here by actively seeking work and accepting paying projects I am able to do. In the last couple of months, I have been hospitalized for heart issues. My son having found me passed out and calling an ambulance. Usually, I know when I am going to go down and I can get myself somewhere safe in time or sit or lye down. While in hospital I was again referred to specialists, and again, this is where the medical assistance ends, the specialty care and further testing I critically need I simply can’t afford. The heart monitor I was supposed to wear for a month was not an option, I was told in the hospital by the cardiologist himself it would not cost anything, he assured me. However when they called to set it up sure enough without insurance it was a 1200 dollar deposit, so do you pay rent or wear the monitor only to not be able to continue care once again after that month? These decisions really hit home because both are necessities. I  have had one heart attack already.  In order to get the critical continued care through Desert Wells Family Medicine, Dr Daniel Hoag, and through Banner, I simply need to relocate as I do qualify for healthcare in Arizona. At this time my bills are over $34,000.

This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do or write I have always been a stubborn fighter! I really DO NOT like sharing personal things like this, for me it’s embarrassing, I have always lead a quiet reserved and private lifestyle when it comes to home and personal matters.  Being a truly single mother,  is both rewarding and challenging, yet I have always made it work, You don’t give up, you put those babies first and provided well for them! Lately with this illness, I am exhausted, emotionally, and physically, I’ve exhausted all avenues, we all need help at some point and so I am asking you, please..
If you are not able to contribute that is absolutely OK! Yet PLEASE, do share, every little bit will help greatly!
Thank you, everyone single one of you, so very much for all your support!

All those who donate over $25 dollars will receive one ticket per every 25.  For example, $50 will buy 2 tickets, $100 will buy 4 tickets, etc. Anyone who prefers not to be listed and would like to remain anonymous, yet would still like tickets can do so privately if you wish, please go to my website at where you will find a donate button for  “Heart of the Matter” on the main page. Here you can also view all 3 appreciation drawing prizes. All tickets will be sent out via email within 24hrs of contribution.

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