We don’t always share Everything we are going through here on the home front, in fact, I’ve been very quiet, yet in this case, Its time to set aside the pride, yes, I am in need. My children have started a gofund me to help as well, between that and my website we can manage the ticket side of it all. To be fair, I would like to give back where I can, always, for this, it will be through my art. So each donation of 25 dollars will get you one ticket, there is no limit. The Ticket/s will be sent to you via email. Or if you prefer I can send them via messenger as well. The drawing is set for October 30th, 2020 at noon GMT- I will post updates and links. Here are some images of the Prizes- First Prize will be my American Bison “Keeper of the prairies”- Second will be The Mule ” Wild Ponies” *Runner up will be My latest Shell shaker Rattle- Each piece will come with a certificate of authenticity, Signed and numbered. The Prizes will be shipped to the winners. PLEASE READ **Prizes can only be shipped within the US**

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